What do we

We are there for you: from the analysis of problems over the phone to the repair, maintenance and revision of your systems.

You can rely on the speed and quality of our repair service, regardless of the make of your equipment, carried out according to globally standardized specifications and, of course, on your premises if you wish.

By permanently optimizing our repair processes, we ensure maximum efficiency, availability and quality.

Repairs, service work, assembly and commissioning of all hydraulic components and Racine products are carried out in our in-house customer service center. Powerful test rigs and an extensive Vickers spare parts inventory allow for maximum adjustment, repair and inspection of equipment.

Warranty included!

  • Repair of all components of your plant
  • Alternative solutions for uneconomical repairs
  • Recommissioning of the plant within the shortest possible time
  • State-of-the-art equipment for professional repair and inspection
    of your devices, as well as detection of any switching shocks or vibrations
  • Standstill prevention through regular inspection
  • Individual advice on modernization or conversion as a sensible alternative to new acquisitions
  • Monitoring and control of the media for optimum machine performance, on request also at your site
The KUWEGA test rigs
Drive power Flow rate
Pumps 110 KW up to 400 liters
Block and valves 75 KW up to 90 liters
Servo 37 KW up to 175 liters